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Trick or Treating in Liberia?!

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 Trick or Treating in Liberia?!

We had an unusual opportunity today to go trick-or-treating on the U.S. Embassy grounds here in Liberia.  And what a treat it was!!  Not just for our family and the other families that participated . . . but for the embassy staff that opened their doors as well!  As a diplomatic post, Liberia has just opened up as a post where families can serve . . . but there is only one infant living on the embassy grounds currently – so children running around happily in Halloween Costumes is a special treat that reminds them of home.  And they spoiled us all with lots of special candies and drinks as we moved from one house to the next.  The U.S. Embassy grounds here in Monrovia are amazing  - they are nestled on the cliffs overlooking the ocean offering beautiful views and complete with pools and tennis courts.  The kids think we should try to get a job at the embassy so that we can live on the campus :) 

We had fun going to the local outdoor market and finding costumes . . . I have to admit I’m pretty impressed with how the kids costumes turned out . . . considering  there was no Walmart or Target to assist in our efforts.  

Kaitlyn was a cheerleader.

Kaleb was Obi Wan Kenobi.  Kaleb’s costume took the most work – I even had to sew – but he is thrilled to be a Star Wars character.

Keyara was a ballerina.  

All ready to go Trick or Treating!

The whole group with the US Ambassador.

We thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the pictures of our unique tropical event . . . for Kaleb and Keyara it was a first – Kaleb doesn’t remember Halloween in America.


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1.Nov.2009 - Thanks for Sharing!

How fun to see the costumes and to know a bit about your celebration at the embassy! The costumes were great - and I can see where Kaleb enjoyed his outfit. Kaitlyn looked very cute--and her hairdo fit the role perfectly! Keyara was a great ballerina and I am sure she learned a few of the right positions to bring it all together!

Marian "Grandma"

4.Nov.2009 - Halloween pictures

Hi Karen,
I was talking with you dad this week and wanted to share our joy about Keyara. And, that you'll be here in December. He forwarded the Halloween pictures to me when you visited the U.S. embassy in Liberia. The children look like they're having lots of fun. You did a great job in finding the costumes and especially sewing Kaleb's. Now we wait your homecoming. Much love to you and your family as you prepare to leave....and with part of your heart where you've lived these past years.

Love, Julie

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