Karen's Korner - 12.Jan.2007

Taking Out the Trash...

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Jan 12, 2007 - Tema, Ghana

Taking Out The Trash ... 

I just thought I'd write a real quick note about my experience in taking out the trash tonight.  I waited until the kids were asleep and then gathered the trash and went down to reception, off the gangway and through the security gate to the dumpsters.  It was about 9:00 PM and the dock was empty except for a well dressed African lady that passed me walking toward the ship and said, "good evening".  I wondered to myself what she would be doing approaching the ship at this time of night. 

As I returned back through the security gate she was there speaking with the guard.  And being the curious person that I am, I listened in to their conversation . . . She was explaining that she had 27 patients and 3 nurses with her . . . . At which point I said, "where are the patients?"  She said, "they are around the corner, I wanted to call the doctor first before calling them."  So the guard called down to the ward to let them know their were patients and I walked to the top of the gangway.  At the top I met Dr. Steven Arrowsmith, the VVF surgeon and introduced myself.  As I turned around and looked at the dock all of sudden there was a sea of people turning the corner - it was just an amazing sight to see all these hopeful woman approaching the ship with the doctor waiting at the top of the gangway to meet his patients.  I stayed and watched as Dr. Arrowsmith went to greet the ladies.   About 5 minutes later he climbed the gangway - another nurse was looking on with me and said to him, "you must be excited to have met your patients".  He responded by saying, "Actually I'm pooping my pants right now because we only have 16 spots available and they have brought 27 woman".

Tomorrow they will screen the ladies and select their patients.  Please pray for Dr. Arrowsmith as he has to make the decision as to which ladies will receive surgery and which will be told "sorry - but we can't help you now".

They chose the first 8 ladies that were standing at the front and escorted them onto the ship for the night.  The rest stayed down in the dock area under a covered canopy.  Not sure what they will do tonight . . . they traveled from Tamale and left before 0700 - so about 14 hours of traveling today!

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