Karen's Korner - 20.Oct.2009

We can see the finish line

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 We can see the finish line

 Today was the day we have been waiting for since we adopted Keyara over 2 years ago!  The day when she would be interviewed and hopefully granted a Visa to come to America with us.  Thank you for all of your encouraging notes and prayers.  We are thrilled to report that Keyara passed her interview and we have been told that we can pick up her Liberian Passport with an Immigrant Visa to America in it next Wednesday.  It has been a long race but as we approach the finish line we are thankful for all of the turns and adventures we have had along the way. 

I brought the camera hoping to capture the memory on film.  When I asked the Vice Consul if we could take a picture to remember this day he said sure, but you don't have your camera do you?  To which I replied, of course I do . . . he laughed and said . . . well you're not supposed to - they should have told you that at the security booth.  Thankfully he was a good sport and we all posed to commemorate this monumentous day for our family!

We'll be sure to post the actual Immigrant Visa once we see it with our own eyes . . . what a day that will be!  Thank you to all for your continued support and friendship . . . we can't wait to introduce you to Keyara . . . she's an absolute joy!!


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20.Oct.2009 -  Interview Day!

Stan, Kier, and I will always have fond memories of hearing your good news as we played golf! I don't think my ball flew any farther, but my spirit went soaring! Love you!


20.Oct.2009 - Keyara's day!

Dad and I are so thrilled at this wonderful news! We shall always remember your phone call. I have looked at your picture many times and get a big smile on my face each and every time!

Mom, Nonna, Charlene

20.Oct.2009  Hallelujah!

Sure glad you had your camera. what a joyous family picture! Looking forward to seeing you home soon.


21.Oct.2009 - Wonderful news

So thrilled for you all....


21.Oct.2009 - keyaras visa

I am so excited for you guys. will continue to keep you in my prayers!


21.Oct.2009 - Keyara & job search

Hi Kreig & Karen,
We're so happy to hear of your good news. You've been on our Seniors S.S. class prayer list for quite some time. Would love to see you all some day.

Dick worked for Northrop Grumman in Sunnyvale and from friends that he stays in touch with, they are hiring mechanical engineers. Dick did electrical engineering. If you should apply there, feel free to use his name as a reference.

And if you ever get to the Austin area, we have plenty of room for you to come visit with us.

Love to all,

21.Oct.2009 - congrats

I am thrilled for you all to be able to come back to America. I will look forward to meeting Keyara. Your photo is so beautiful of a joyous memory of your journey.

Love, Sue

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