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Look who came to visit on Flag Day

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 Look who came to visit on Flag Day

Monday was a holiday here... Flag Day.   Like most holidays here in Liberia, lots of people use the occasion to have a day out at the beach.  Now that we live at ELWA, which has one of the nicer beaches, we have come to expect lots of visitors on days like Flag Day, but today we had a different sort of visitor!  And I managed to snap a great photo of him (if I do say so myself!)

(Click for a larger version)

Now, this may look impressive - and to be sure, I wasn't gonna get too close.  But here's the original picture, without cropping.  See if you can figure out what he is living in.

(Click for larger version)

Here's one more which gives it away for sure... (photo taken on our front porch)

Yes, that's right... this little guy is living inside a 5 gallon jerry can!  And I took his picture by sticking the camera lens through the broken part on the corner.  It's a bit cramped in there for him... he has to bend in half to fit, but he's lived in it pretty much his whole life.  His owner brought him to our house to see if we wanted to buy him as a pet...  US$20.  His owner thought our back yard would make a great place for him to live.... never mind our kids like to play there.  

For a brief moment, I considered paying the US$20 to have the guy set him free... until I began to wonder WHERE he would set him free.  Reportedly, there are wild crocs living in the ELWA lagoon, and while I haven't seen any yet, I don't doubt it.  I'm sure this little guy would love it there. 

According to the ELWA security guard posted near our house, about a year ago, a croc came out of the lagoon to eat our next door neighbor's chickens... one of the guards was turning up for his shift at 7AM and nearly tripped over it as he walked down the path which goes along our back fence.  He called the other security guards and they managed to kill the critter with machetes, sticks and rocks.  

In the end, I decided that I didn't have $20 to spend on this guy, so I didn't have to decide if it was a wise idea or not...

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28.Aug.2009 - So COOL!

That is a great picture. But why did you not buy him for me? he would be a great pet.

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