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Why Didn't God Hear My Prayer?

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 Why Didn't God Hear My Prayer?

As she leaned over the bowl vomiting, her body heaving as she emptied her stomach contents, Kaitlyn exclaimed, “God didn’t hear my prayers on Sunday.” She had prayed that God would keep her from getting sick like her Daddy who had been vomiting several days earlier. As we sat on the bathroom floor I held her close to me and told her, “just because God didn’t answer your prayer the way you wanted him to - doesn’t mean he didn’t hear your prayer”. I reflected on our last two years in Africa . . . life had not gone according to our plans or prayers . . . but I didn’t doubt for a second that God hadn’t heard us . . . he’d just had a different answer. But I was only able to arrive at that conclusion after many disappointments and wrestling with God. It was then that I realized - God hadn’t changed . . . he was the same loving God – I just needed to look harder for him in the midst of my disappointments. But how do you explain that to an 8 year old who feels miserable and can’t begin to understand why God is allowing this to happen?

On Sunday we had re-read the story of Adam and Eve and talked about how the “fairy tale” that God wanted for them and us was destroyed because of their choice to sin and disobey God. We continue to suffer the consequences of their choice as this world is now full of sorrow, sickness, poverty and pain. As I reminded Kaitlyn of this she told me that she “hated Satan for what he did”.

By morning time Kaitlyn continued having fevers and vomiting so we decided to go to the ELWA Hospital for a malaria smear. We got a later start than I had hoped for and by the time we got to the hospital there were many patients waiting for help. I took Kaitlyn to the Doctor’s office where she sat in the air conditioning and waited for me while I went to pay for the labs at the cashier’s office. There is no option to be billed later – you must pay before they do any lab work. As I stood in line a woman approached holding a newborn baby. She seemed quite anxious to get ahead in the line but I wasn’t sure why - the baby looked fine and was sleeping soundly. Then I heard crying and turned around to see a teenaged girl bundled tightly with a hat, denim jacket and socks that covered her feet which were stuffed into cheap flip flops. She had tears streaming down her face and was shivering with a high fever and obviously in a lot of pain. I told the lady to go ahead of me in line as her situation seemed much more urgent than mine. As she approached the window with her order slip, the cashier wrote down what was owed and handed it back to the woman who just stared at the paper – frozen, as if she didn’t know what to do. She obviously didn’t have the money needed and if she couldn’t pay they’d have to go home without any further treatment. I instantly stepped in and said, “I’ll pay for both hers and mine. As I handed the lady my slip I asked what her exchange rate was as I only had a $10.00 bill and wasn’t sure if it would actually cover both of our expenses. She said the rate was 63 Liberian Dollars (LD). As she calculated the two bills she got a huge grin on her face and then waived the $10 bill saying, “it’s exactly what you need”. My bill was 140 LD and their bill was 490 LD for a grand total of 630 Liberian Dollars –exactly $10.00. The woman and her teenage daughter were very grateful but I was more excited that God had once again reminded me that he had planned for me to be there for that family during their time of need. How awesome and humbling that he can use me in this way!

I excitedly returned to Kaitlyn in the office and shared the story with her. She smiled and said, “Mommy, it’s like a miracle”. And suddenly she realized that God had heard her prayers – but he had a different purpose in mind. Thank you God for reminders that you are in control and see a much bigger picture than we will ever grasp or understand – please remind us of this the next time we feel like you don’t hear our prayers!

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Comments (4 comments):

25.Mar.2009 - Great Story

Hi All,
We all loved this story but love you all you guys even more.

27.Mar.2009 - neat!

Thanks for sharing that story = ) How cool was that! I'm sorry kaitlyn and Kreig were sick, but glad you are seeing God at work in big and small ways! She is beautiful, by the way!
Love, Mary     

30.Mar.2009 - God is Good.

WOW - I am so moved by this story. If only we were looking for God to use us that way too. I hope Kaitlyn is feeling better! Blessings to you all. - Elisabeth

6.Apr.2009 - catching up

Just been catching up on your blog....it's amazing how God is using you there. We think and pray for you often (your picture's on our wall!). 

Blessings - the Tretheway's

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