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7 Oct 2009 - Keyara's Two-Year Anniversary!

On October 8, 2007 God gave us an amazing gift, our beautiful daughter, Keyara.  At the time we had no idea how much this 2 month old baby was going to change our future.  We had every hope of bringing her home to meet our family for Christmas . . . but God had other plans in store.  Although the last two years have not gone according to our plans – we wouldn’t want to change them – even if we could!  We are grateful for all that we have experienced and learned during this time of uncertainty...  <Click to read more...>

25 Aug 2009 - Look who came to visit on Flag Day!

Monday was a holiday here... Flag Day.   Like most holidays here in Liberia, lots of people use the occasion to have a day out at the beach.  Now that we live at ELWA, which has one of the nicer beaches, we have come to expect lots of visitors on days like Flag Day, but today we had a different sort of visitor!  And I managed to snap a great photo of him (if I do say so myself!)    <Click to read more... >

4 Apr 2007 - Running in Monrovia...

I run... 4 or 5 times a week... for 4 to 8 miles. I started this early morning ritual as an attempt to ward off my otherwise sedentary lifestyle, but it's become so much more to me now. If I miss a day, that's OK - but if I miss a few days in a row, then I really start to feel the withdrawal effects. It's not just the exercise I miss, although I do miss that, but more than that, I miss getting out to see the world. Especially now that I live aboard a ship and could easily spend all day, every day without setting foot on land. Sometimes it's a struggle to get up at 05:30 (OK - most of the time!) but it's my window to what's happening out there. And I'm almost always amazed at what I see...

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9 Oct 2006 - What does the CIO for Mercy Ships do?

Some of you may wonder what kind of Information Technology is required by an organizaion like Mercy Ships. I've had that conversation with many over the last 6 years. Usually it starts with a question like "What does a CIO for Mercy Ships actually do?" Most of the time, the question is asked by someone who is well aquainted with what most CIOs do, but they just can't imagine that Mercy Ships would have the same needs. When I answer what I'm up to, the usual comment is "Oh, that sounds just like all the other CIOs I know..."

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3 Sept 2006 - Google Apps for your domain

Well - where to begin? There are many things I could talk about on the techy side of IT in Mercy Ships. I think I'll save some of those for later. Having spent some time setting up this new website, I'll write a bit about this. 

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